Low Impact Running Can Change Your Life!

Low Impact Running is a running technique morphed from walking-fast walking-jogging & conventional running, that is low impact on your knee and hip joints, but allows you to have the "feel" of conventional running & experience the benefits of an exercise program. The low impact helps with your Hip and knee pain & helps stop or slow down hip and knee joint deterioration.

This technique is good for young or middle age or elderly, who currently have knee problems or want to prevent potential hip and/or knee problems.


“LIR helps kids lose weight by showing the small steps that turn into larger steps in losing weight.”
~ Manteo Mitchell, Olympic Silver Medalist

“One definition of low impact activity is that you always have a foot on the ground. Low Impact Running clearly defines this and has benefits for people who are overweight and have had issues with their hip and knees.” ~ Dr. William Stucky, Orthopedic Surgeon with OrthoCarolina

Low Impact Running (LIR) can help: the young and old – intellectually disabled-physically challenged– autistic – overweight – kids battling childhood obesity– those with joint problems and anyone who wants to exercise or lose weight and be healthy! Be able to run again or begin a running exercise program.

Exercise – Proper Nutrition – Motivation

Get Moving - Get Healthy - Get Happy

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Low Impact Running "My Story"